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the real huamn hair in my point of view

There is several human hair market in china,Henan Xuchang, Shandong Juancheng, Anhui Taihe and so on.  The hair from all over the country and even the whole of Asia was collected by businessmen. And then acquired by a large stall factory After layers of processing, processed into a wide range of hair products, sold all over the world.

Today we come to talk, hundreds of tons of hair on the market,where is it from ? what is the difference bettwen those hair.

From near and far, firstly say our country’s hair: chinese hair. Well known Oriental, black hair. In addition to the color black, hair hair is thick, straight, strong, but not soft enough.Rigid strong style difficult,even the same chinse hair have more difference,  the location of the more north, the more thick the hard hair. The more the south, the more detailed the more soft.

The international  hair market boom, gave birth to hair  businessmen rack their brains, to be possible to receive any place of hair.Throughout Asia, all over China’s hair business man. Northeast Asia, North Korea, Mongolia, Ukraine made. West Asia, Pakistan, South Asia, India, Indonesia. Southeast Asia, Malay, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on. So vast territory, so many hair types, these hair has what characteristics, how to distinguish? The more the situation to the north, the different races also apply? What hair is good what is bad? Is there the legendary South American hair, Brazil hair in the end ? What is good in Europe? Please pay attention to my blog, Let me go with you slowly.



Post time: 05-03-2017