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the real huamn hair in my point of view 2

Last time we talke that chinese business man buy hair raw material from different Asian country ,

They processed it then sell it to each corner all over the world.So what is the difference of different country in Asia,let’s start from north to south.


As we know it is hard to sell hair of developed country people,because they like to cut hair short or dyed hair. North Korea’s hair we can call it Korean hair, the characteristics are relatively thick, strong. Natural color is darker.There is big fatal flaw in Korean hair that dyed much more different,so we have to pay more attention to it when it used in hair products.when you buy it back for dyed,it is easy to return product by customers.


Mongolian hair it is natural yaki,hard to find silky straight hair,it is welcomed by african customer,of course there is some straight hair also,can not be generalized.

Southeast Asia, South Asia, is the main origin of hair. Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, are high-yield countries.


In addition to Indian hair, hair in Southeast Asia are relatively similar. Moderate thickness, like Vietnam hair you can dye and bleach it easily.Their virgin hair is sold as chinese virgin remy always.India virgin remy is much more thin and soft,so most time it is processed as european virgin to sell to customer,but quality of the non-remy india hair is just common.


Burman hair after down the hair tip turn it to remy hair,as the price is lower became the new darling of the black wig..


Is there brazilian hair and peruvian hair? Of course yes.all that is real remy virgin hair,the natural color close to european virgin hair ,color close to brown or dark brown.

Due to geographical relations, South America is rarely shipped to China.All the real brazilian and peruvian hair bought buy amercian business man,they used for expensive weavings. And the spread of the Brazilian hair, Peru hair, are business people in the fried concept only.

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Post time: 05-17-2017