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why someone’s selling price is lower than our cost price? let me tell you the trap in hair product for black women.

The most widely used in hair product for black women should be the hair wefts ,closure and lace frontal.Of course someone wear wigs,but the proportion is not high.


Hair product from the use of functional classification, can be divided into two categories of decorative and replacement categories: decorative class is that they have good hair,but for reasons they choose to wear hair products.Such as someone want to change short hair,someone want their hair looks much more shine,someone wants their black hair chang to light color but they  never want to damage their own hair.this kind we can named it decorative class . Replacement of the class refers to their own due to various reasons, hair loss or reduction.

They have to wear hair product to make they hair more natural such as toupee ,wefts,closure and so on.


Simple classification, today to analyze with you, why other people’s selling price is lower than our cost.what is the trap in the hair line ?

Let’s start from weft,there is so many raw material hair in the market ,how to choose the right product ? why so many cheap hair here?


We never advise customer to choose non-remy hair,today we just talk about the other two kind hair.All customer like virgin hair,no one like processed hair with chemcial ,the prcessed hair is the root of cheap hair product. We do not deny those low-priced curtain is 100% real hair of the case, to analyze the root causes of low prices. Processed hair, including the factory floor hair,wrong dyed hair ,returned hair and larged dyed hair in the market some even is stold from factory by workers. They processed several time already,if you want to dyed color again have to reprocessed by chemical.Even dyed color,they have just can be dyed to natural #1B.


After two or more times the chemical treatment,they hair seems shine and smooth,but quality

Have been damaged badly, its own shape has been haggard ,even simple wash they hair can’t use again, so rubbish hair even so cheap it is nonsense to buy it back.


The good quality hair should be unprocessed natural color than can be dyed,can be bleach,no shedding tangle free, Any one does not meet this standard, it indicates that your product has a problem. It is recommended that you keep your eyes, do not let bad products lost your customers.


Washing powder, detergent, can be used to check whether the product you buy is dyed . Even the clever dyeing technology can also wash down the color. Whey you wash the unprocessed hair,the color of water is yellowish,no other color. Natural color is one standard of good quality and decide the cost of one product. The dyed dark color hair cover all the problem of quality,that is one of the trap in the line. We will share more knowleage of hair product later to tell customer how to get the better quality hair.


Post time: 05-12-2017